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Postby David » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:19 am

Forensic Evaluation is a useful and fun skill. When used on a corpse it tells you who killed it, who disturbed the body and who looted it. On a dungeon chest it tells you who lockpicked it and on a player it tells you whether or not they are in the thieves guild and whether they have stolen something and, crucially, whether they are perma-grey and may be killed without calling the guards on you!

Training Forensics is very easy and very fast as there is no cool-down timer. You begin by using the skill on a freshly killed animal or monster. With a one second repeating macro you should reach 22 or more on the first corpse. After three corpses you should be past 40 skill and can then start on another player or an NPC. This will take you all the way to GM over-night. You can begin to examine chests when you reach 50 skill and you can also GM off those. A healer guildmaster will train you to about 31 displayed skill (26.7 real) using the voice command "<name> teach forensics" where <name> is the name of the healer guildmaster. These can be found in most towns.

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