Christmas Event 2018

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Christmas Event 2018

Postby lakerc » Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:11 pm

Welcome adventures! Our Christmas event this year features the following:

1. Santa's Castle - Here you can train multiple skills to GM (lockpicking and all weapon combat skills). This castle also has a few fun secrets to include stealables and a hidden portal.

2. The Elf Village - which consists of Santa's toy makers. This village is a fun place negative karma chars to cause a little mischief. However, be warned. Santa might catch you and if he does he will summon faeries to help him restore order to his village. Santa makes short work of naughty folks causing mischief in his village so be sure to bring a friend or three to help if you wish to tangle with old Saint Nick.

3. Ice Dungeon - This is the domain of the Ice Queen who is rumored to be responsible for freezing the heart of the Grinch. This dungeon has plenty of foes to battle and rare items to find. There is also a mini champ at the ice fountain which will result in summoning the greater ice dragon.

Major Bosses, Drops & Steal able items:

*Note: Santa will summon faeries to help him
**Note: He is week against Fey Slayers
1. Random Rare Gift Box
2. Toy Nutcracker [Blue]
3. Angel Decoration
4. Snow Globe [Cities]
5. a giant candy cane [Red]
6. Santa's Nice List
7. Holiday Bell
8. Sneaking Boots
9. Phoenix Gloves
10. Gloves of safe guarding
11. Gloves of the pugilist
12. Gloves of the sun
13. Acid Proof Robe
14. Samaritan Robe
15. Robe of Britannia Artifact
16. Angel Decoration
17. Hat of the Magi
18. Philosophers Hat
19. Sack of Presents
20. Random Rare Gift Box
21. Christmas Garland

*Note: The Grinch has a nasty acid attack so be careful where you or your pets stand when fighting him.
1. A Toy Wagon
2. A Toy Cannon
3. A Toy Sleigh
4. Snow Globe [Dungeons]
5. A giant candy cane [Green]
6. A Grinch Statuette
7. Moldy Gingerbread Cookie
8. Spoiled Milk

*Note: Krampus has a area EQ attack that will hit you if you are too close to him.
**Note: He is week vs. reptile slayers
1. Krampus’s Naughty List - Green
2. Coal
3. Served Human ears
4. Bad Card
5. Cursed Necklace
6. Deco Horse Dung
7. Spam
8. Giant Candy Cane

* Note: the Ice Queen may chose to mimic your char to fight you similar to a doppelganger.
**Note: she is week against Fey Slayer attacks
1. Random icicles
2. Snow Pendant Deed
3. Quiver of Ice
4. Special Hair Dye
5. Special Beard Dye

*Note: He is particularly week vs Elemental Slayers.
1. Snow Pile Random
2. Snow Flake
3. IcyPatch
4. Snow Man
5. Staff Of Magi
6. Glacial Staff
7. Frozen Staff
8. Box of Snow Tiles

a. Holiday Tree with gopher (Animated)
b. Rare Gems

1. A Toy Unicorn carved from beech wood
2. A snowball bush
3. A Toy Wooden Duck
4. A Toy Nutcracker [Gold]
5. Winter Roses
6. Snow Globe [Places of Interest]
7. A Snowy Rock
8. Golden candle tray
9. A Pot of eggnog
10. A Blue Flame

a. A Water Primordial Statuette
b. A Ice Dragon Brazier
*Note: the fountain area is a mini champ, where you'll need to kill critters until the greater Ice Dragon will Spawn.
c. A Frost Giant Lord Statuette
d. A Frost Mite Statuette
e. A Fierce Arctic Grizzly Statuette
f. A Random Snow Statues
g. Grizzled Bones
*Note: Dropped by the Ice Wyrm and greater ice dragon
h. Pigments of Tokuno [blue]
*Note: Dropped by Ice Titans

a. An Unwanted Christmas Tree
*Note: Dropped by an unwanted Christmas tree
b. Small Holiday Tree with Gopher

a. Shimmering Snow Crystals
b. Shimmering Frost Crystals
c. An arctic fur
d. Abscess tail
e. Animal Pheromone
f. A skeleton key
g. A toy T-Rex
h. A Boura Pelt
i. Sabertooth skull
j. Corpse of a rabbit
k. Ice Primordial Statuette

a. A Glass of Hot Chocolate
b. Fletching Satchel
c. Blacksmith’s Satchel
d. Carpenter’s Satchel
e. Tailor’s Satchel
f. Enhancement Gem
g. A tray of candied apples
h. A sugar plum
i. A Caramel covered apple
j. A Nougat Swirl

a. [Krampus Region] a Greater frost dragon (same statistics as a Greater Dragon)
b. [Krampus Region] an Arctic Rune Fox (same statistics as a BakeKitsune)
c. [Ice Dungeon] a Frost mite (same statistics as a rune beetle)
d. [Ice Dungeon] a Greater ice dragon (same statistics as a Greater Dragon)

a. Gems will spawn randomly in the mines
b. A transmuter can be found in the Mines
i. [50 Gems + 10 Pigiron = A Rare Gem] **specific Gem Types will yield specific rare gems, ruby's will yield a Fire Ruby for example.
ii. [100 Iron Ingots + 10 Pigiron = 50 Valorite]
iii. 1 Small BOD + 2K Gold will give a random SMALL BOD
iv. 1 Large BOD + 2oK Gold will give a random LARGE BOD

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