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Re: Update History

Postby David » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:27 am

Update 2019/08/05

Water, Lava and Swamp tiles that drop as a champion artefact have been enhanced by adding other animated versions to the mix instead of just the one boring old tile.

Davies Locker now displays the map gump when you add a treasure map or SOS. Not MiB though as their location is not generated until the bottle is opened to reveal the SOS message.

SOSes now display the world map gump with location when opened so you can plan a fishing trip more easily.

Added Captain Yellowbeard to Vesper event this year. He has a chance to drop a golden chest and a range of yellow plant pigments as well as the loot that the other pirate captains drop

Pirate captains can now drop a Broken Contraption. If you take this to the tinker Lucius, near Britain West Bank, he will offer you a quest to repair it but you will have to prove you are worthy of such a powerful item - a ship teleporter! Apparently he is dating Helen, with whom he works, and would like to lavish her with the gift of a Yellow Polka Dot Bikini to garner her favour. Furnish him with such a bikini, the contraption, a Lucky Fishing Hat and a Fishing Token and he will repair the item and return it to you as a Ship Teleporter Deed. The YPD bikini, the hat and the token all take quite a lot of fishing to acquire which will prove that you are worthy of this new toy.

Ship Teleporter added. This comes in deed form as above. You can only place this on a boat that you own or hold the key for. Use the deed and the animated ship teleporter will be placed right next to the tillerman, or in fact right on top of him from some angles. I get the impression he doesn't like this fangled machine much. The teleporter needs to be charged to use it. It takes 100 Arcane Gems and uses them all each jump. So it is an expensive item to use. Double clicking will re-deed it if you are the ship owner or carry the key. Single click reveals a context menu with options to mark your ship's current location, or to teleport your ship to it's previously marked location. I suggest you mark somewhere near where you normally park your ride. If you re-deed it the marked location will be lost. To go to an SoS sunken treasure location, simply drop the SoS message scroll onto the contraption and WHOOSH off you go with a nice wave effect as your ship hits the water at the destination. I will add a short delay and some departure lightning effects soon but I was pushed for time to get this out for the start of the Vesper/Dock Town event. Note that the teleporter uses the 100 gem charge for every jump, even the jump to a marked location. Arcane Gems are obtained from Juka people, Level 6 dungeon chests and the Serpents Hold Invasion event and Serpent's Hold Halloween event. They will also soon be added to Evil Mage Lords' loot.

Fishing Tokens can now be used on a talisman or boots for the +5 fishing skill bonuses meaning that with those and the fishing hat you can now achieve 115 fishing skill. You need 105 minimum to fish up the rare mountable fish such as marlin.

Ship keys are now blessed, and named if the ship has a name. Note that keys are re-issued each time a boat is returned to the water after docking.

Ship's "Dongle" will now teleport your mobile banker into your ship's cabin with you while still leaving other pets behind on deck.

Mobile bankers were still getting lost occasionally and I discovered that this was when a player teleported outside of their range which was only 5 for a mobile banker. This has been extended and so they should now be able to pathfind to you over greater distances.

Enabled Velocity on bows.

Runic Tools did not have Fey Slayer on the list of possible enhancements due to this slayer type only being available on Retail UO as one single solitary artefact weapon. Mean old EA! :-)

Scrapper's Compendium spellbook was not actually applying skill bonuses to the player when it had some. Note that crafting this spell book requires high inscription skill to craft, but it is magery skill that is used to determine the bonus chances given to it. I have discovered that with really high magery it is possible to gain up to three mage skill bonuses out of the usual four: Magery, Meditation, Eval Int, Resist. This is quite a rare occurrence, but it is possible with enough magery enhancements, talismans, a magery boosted Scrapper's book in the hand etc. It appears that it is not possible on Utopia to achieve enough magery for all 4 skill bonuses to be granted but please let me know if anyone gets one. That Random Number Generator God can be a tricky fellow!

Area Attack from monsters has had the damage calculation tweaked depending on how many players are in the vicinity of the monster that is using the area effect.

A new tool, Whetstone of Magery, has been added to the Imbuing Hammer quest. As our imbuing system does not allow for removal of effects, we have provided this tool which will remove ALL weapon procs whether direct or area effects. This is because you may not like area damage procs due to them focusing all mobs near you onto yourself but also because you may want to use, for example, a life tap and additional procs on the same weapon will reduce the chance of the one you want going off when you strike an opponent. The Whetstone from the imbuing quest comes with 10 charges.

Dungeon chests were missing Enchanted Essence in the loot pool

Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer, used in the Vesper and Docktown annual event as well as the legendary fishing nets, has had his loot enhanced as it was felt that this extremely hard sea monster was a little mean with his gifts. He will now drop an Ancient SOS every time and two Fabled Fishing Nets as well as his existing soul forge options

Books have had their default security level set to "Anyone" so that simply locking them down allows others to read them.

Ancient Maps, used to summon a gate to the level 7 dungeon chest quest area, are sometimes used by GMs for one-off events to port players to an instanced area. The map is usually a scroll, but can take the form of any item according to the GM's imagination. Unfortunately the "are you ready" gump was always showing "Ancient Treasure Map" and this has now been corrected to show whatever name a GM has allocated to the item.

T-Rex pets: Some players were finding that its ability to walk on water was sometimes very awkward, for example when fighting a Scalis Enforcer where the pet could run off (and boy can they run!) or being in the water may be out of range of the owner for healing. They could also get themselves into places which you couldn't get them out of without a proximity gate. So I have now "fitted" T-Rex pets with a voice command to turn their swimming ability on or off as you desire. Say your pet's name followed by "swim" or "noswim" like: fred noswim. Note that if you do that while he is swimming then he will be stuck there until you tell him otherwise. Hopefully nobody will find a way to abuse this.

Communications Crystals will no longer relay hidden staff's chatter :-)

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Re: Update History

Postby David » Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:47 am

Update 2019 August 25

The past couple of weeks has seen the addition of a new dungeon instance and some new pets

Each year my GMs put on an event such as a dungeon crawl for my Birthday. Thanks Flazban and Otis for making it special. Trammel Terathan Keep was been turned into a new epic dungeon with a mixture of puzzles and monsters, some of which have not been seen on Utopia before. It was so good, and Flazban had put so much effort into it that I decided that this dungeon would be a keeper! This has now been included as an extension to the Level 7 treasure map quest/event/dungeon. Flazban has also introduced a new snakey looking pet which is based on the T-Rex so think of it as a mini T-Rex pet which is great when you don't want such a big monster fighting by your side.

I have also created two new types of stealable door which you can steal at the end of the dungeon and lock down in your house to create new rooms etc. but not to replace normal house doors. I have also corrected the security issue which prevented friends from opening the locked down doors found in Ankh Dungeon, although Razor's auto-open seemed to manage it anyway somehow! I will soon be re-vamping them hopefully to add security levels to them and/or a key generation device so that they can be made lockable. There are also a couple more door types to add.

A scroll named "Sanctuary" drops in the new dungeon which will open a gate to the Trammel Volcano hidden valley where you will find a Triceratops pet which is very similar in performance to a T-Rex.

Another treasure map also drops which will open a gate to the "banana cave" inside of which you will find my gift to you: A Great Ape. This large ape comes in two forms, one tameable and one not. You will need 110.1 taming to attempt it so taming trinkets will be required. Be warned that the non-tameable one is very bad tempered indeed and will teleport himself and you around the cave. Both types will throw barrels at you if they find some nearby. The Great Ape is similar in performance to a T-Rex, maybe slightly more powerful. As we have not got one fully trained up yet it is hard to tell for sure. Both great apes drop a piece of a banana hoard; a large pile of bananas which you can collect for house deco.

The Imbuing Hammer now grants 1 extra point to STR, DEX and INT (so now +6) when used with a Stygian Dragon Head. It was feeling a little pointless when you could get +5 in each with separate resources for far less effort than killing a stygian dragon.

The belt version of a Crimson Cincture has now be made a "thing" called "Crimson Belt"

Cincture Volante has been created based on the Ninja Belt so can hold and throw Ninja toys although currently these don't do much. The belt has +5AF, +10 to Magery and EvalInt, +10 Dex and Stam and is blessed. It drops only on the Stygian Dragon at the end of the new "birthday dungeon"

From last year's Halloween event, Ornament of the Necromancer, Earrings of the Necromancer and Horsewoman's earrings have now been made a "thing".

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